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Home and School Association

The Home & School Association provides a forum in which any parent can join in the discussion of what do we, as parents feel the school is lacking in, whether that is materials goods, school spirit, or support for parent-teacher relationships. 

Many assume that our main focus is fundraising and although it is a large part of what we do, we also add to our children’s enjoyment of their school experience. Through lunchtime activities, Santa Store, helping the Graduation class, etc.

Our fundraising aspect directly impacts our children by providing the extra materials needed to enrich their learning experience. We already have a few new ideas to try out. 

Although many requests come from the staff directly; often our spending decisions are made based on what we, as concerned parents feel is most needed. That is where you as a new parent can have the greatest impact. You may have noticed a need that we have passed over.

Please feel free to join us at any of our regularly scheduled meetings at the school or contact us by email at: stpatrickhomeandschool@lbpearson.ca

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2021-2022 EXECUTIVE

President: Mimi-Anna Tabaczuk 
Vice-President: Andrea Cappelli
Secretary: Mary-Kate Jackson-Yule
Treasurer: Melanie Moore-Bentley
Membership Chair:Donnalynn Rainey
Volunteer Coordinator: Tracy Rhodes