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Founded in 1963, St. Patrick Elementary is a community school located in the neighbourhood of Pincourt. Situated on Shamrock Street, it is in close proximity to Shamrock Park which includes a baseball field, a playground and a skating rink in winter. St. Patrick Elementary offers opportunities for students to work collaboratively across grade levels in a wide variety of school programs to foster a strong community approach to learning. A major focus of our school is to increase the number of students engaged in their learning.


St. Patrick Elementary students will feel secure, confident and grow in an atmosphere which fosters responsible citizenship, flexibility, acceptance and integrity. This environment will guide them towards internal motivation and perseverance necessary to help them reach their full potential in literacy, numeracy, science, technology, physical activity and the arts.

St. Patrick Elementary will strive to:

  • Build strong learning partnerships between students, staff and parents in order to best support the learning process.
  • Create a learning environment in which every student feels valued, respected and safe.
  • Embrace pedagogical practices with high academic standards and expectations of student excellence in all subject areas.
  • Foster an environment where students can leverage technology in pursuit of academic goals and achievement.
  • Encourage students to collaborate, be creative, use critical thinking, understand citizenship, build character and strengthen their communication skills.
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St. Patrick Elementary School is committed to excellence. In order for all students to become lifelong learners, our goal is to ensure that they are supported and engaged in their learning.

The staff is committed to the global learning of each child in reaching their full potential. This includes not only improving their academic abilities, but also ensuring their sense of wellness and belonging in the school community.