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Governing Board

The role of the governing board is to ensure that the school meets the needs of all the students. The Education Act grants governing boards specific powers and functions in order to help them fulfill this objective.    

The school’s governing board deals with such subjects as the school’s educational project, student supervision policy, the code of conduct, the approach for the implementation of the school regulations, time allocation for each subject and any service agreements for the use of the school premises.

The governing board is also responsible for the approval of certain matters such as the school’s annual budget and service contracts that could benefit the student population.

You can email us at: st_patrick_gb@lbpearson.ca

Members 2023-2024

Parent Representatives

Michael Barron

Doug Bentley

Christian Besner

Natalie Laviolette

John Richan

Randy Ryan

Parent Alternates

Sylwia Bobryk
Robyn Catarau
Tyler Dixon
Julie Kennedy
Nadia Roussy

Staff Representatives

Jodi Esterson
(SEED daycare)

Tiffany Gibson

Gabrielle Jansens

Lisa Mac Donell
(Support Staff)

David Patterson

Katherine Watt

Community Representative

Denise Bergeron

Dean Graddon Principal 


Natalie Knott – Vice Principal
Angela Berryman – Commissioner

2023-2024 Meeting Dates

September 21
October 26
November 30
December 14

January 25
February 22
March 28
April 25
May 23
June 20

Meetings of the St Patrick Governing Board will be held via Zoom for the 2023-2024 school year at 6:30 pm.  

Parents or other members of the public who wish to attend meetings are asked to contact the Governing Board chair at ST_PATRICK_GB@lbpearson.ca to receive the link.