The St. Pat’s Virtues Program is a school-wide initiative that teaches and promotes essential characteristics that we feel each student should be encouraged to practice every day. We expect our student community to be a RESPECTFUL group of RESPONSIBLE children who become independent as they learn and participate in all aspects of school life.

Generosity, Kindness, Acceptance, Courage, Fairness, and Honesty are the main Virtues that we focus on during school assemblies throughout the year. In units spanning several weeks, students in different grade levels work with their teachers and support staff to define these virtues and work towards creating a school-wide assembly where they pass on their understanding of each virtue to their school mates. Students are expected to lead school assemblies focusing on a chosen virtue. As a school, we teach and promote many virtues and strive to weave these important character traits into the tapestry of our school community. These virtues work to become a framework for how our students and our entire school community collaborate, participate and move through each activity and event throughout all the days of our school year.

Each term, one student per homeroom class is chosen to be honoured as an example of a St. Pat’s student who best demonstrates the virtues introduced throughout the year. There are many students who are leaders in our school that show strong judgement, are respectful and are responsible – they embody the virtues that strengthen a community and create a safe and caring school environment. Our aim is to build a community of well-rounded students who practice these important virtues as they move through their years at St. Patrick Elementary