Safety Measures

The St. Patrick Elementary School Governing Board passed a resolution to accept our emergency preparedness plan and the safety rules of the school.

The emergency preparedness binder contains all of the pertinent information needed. Some examples of items included are: a list of the names and tasks of each member of the emergency team, the emergency phone chain, the evacuation locations, what to do during a lockdown or fire drill. The binder is situated in the lobby of the school and can be transported to any location in the event of a crisis.

For the safety of the children in the school, all parents and visitors must enter the building through the front entrance, must sign-in, and must wear a tag signifying their presence in the building has been acknowledged and approved.

Parents who are picking up their children at the end of the school day are asked to wait for their child outside in the side of the building, at the entrance adjacent to the ramp. These doors/gate are where our walkers/carpoolers enter and exit the school.

Parents who are picking up children at the daycare must use the bell at the side entrance (located adjacent to the ramp). When they are buzzed in, they must proceed directly to the areas designated for daycare use. Parents are not permitted in any other area of the building other than the daycare entrance when picking up their children.

While it is not our intention to alarm parents, or to create a feeling of alienation from the school, it is absolutely imperative that we create a code that insures safety for all individuals who learn, work and volunteer in our building, particularly the children under our care. We thank you for adhering to these procedures.